With 40 years of experience in Istanbul

With 40 years of experience, we were established in Istanbul in 2012 and aimed to supply innovative, reliable and economical wires needed in steel production by entering the sector. We convert the experience, knowledge and skills we have gained into our investments.

Thanks to the assessments we obtain from user experiences and our manufacturing experiences

We win our customers' satisfaction with our flexible manufacturing methods designed specifically for orders, with both cost-effective and efficient products.


We work focused on the most budget friendly, reliable and innovative wire dispatch solutions throughout the product's lifetime. We manage our productions with high manufacturing technology, shorter downtime, durable components and preferred cost balance. Expanding our market share is the way to become a world brand, while ensuring the sustainability of our brand and protecting our quality standards and customer satisfaction priority.




We offer an extraordinary price-performance ratio with our products. With high efficiency, ease of use and technical support continued after sales, we ensure that you constantly get the equivalent of using Mert Tel products.

The superior quality of the products, and extraordinary workmanship, reliable service worldwide, the stability and strength of the company make us a reliable partner for professionals.

Thanks to our priority of valuing innovation, while developing special order products, we work by first analyzing user experiences and demand up to the production stage. This also creates an important difference in our customers’ preferences.

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